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Super Visa
Super visas is a temporary residence permits for families.

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Super Visa Canada For Parents and Grandparents

Super visas are temporary residence permits for people who wish to stay in Canada for an extended period.

They are not considered a particular category of immigration, but they have specific requirements that must be met to be approved. For example, a super visa holder cannot use the local health care system, so they must have private insurance coverage. Likewise, a super visa holder cannot legally work in Canada without a work permit. However, a Super visa holder can stay in Canada as long as he or she has no criminal convictions or medical issues that could bar them from doing so. Super Visa in Brampton/Canada/Ontario

PS immigration Consultancy

How to Apply for Super Visa ?

Applicants for a Super Visa can apply for this visa by mail. They must gather their supporting documents, including biometrics, and then arrange to mail the package to the nearest Visa Application Centre. Once they have sent the package, the IRCC will notify them of an upcoming appointment for fingerprint collection and immigration medical examination. The applicant must be able to keep their passport until the application is processed. However, applying for a Super Visa should only be done after careful consideration of your circumstances.

A Super Visa is an immigration visa for grandparents and parents of Canadian citizens. In order to be eligible for a super visa, a person must be related to a Canadian citizen by blood or marriage or be the grandparent of a Canadian citizen. Applicants must be in good health and not have any criminal records, so it is best to check with the Canadian government before applying for a super visa.

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